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My Diet History

I have never been one to read nutritional information on anything. When my wife and I first started dating (10 years ago!), I thought it was funny how she would always read the info on the sides or backs of products. At the time, I figured I would always be fit, active and able to eat and drink  anything. Well fast forward to now and clearly that did not hold up. To achieve the best results with P90X, I am working hard not only during the exercise, but also at my diet.

P90x Foods

Since starting P90X I have become a hard core nutrition label reader! So much so that my wife is starting to get annoyed! The first round of the P90X diet is called “Fat Shredder”. The goal is to work hard, cut back on the bad stuff, and loose those extra pounds. Your target breakdown is 20% fat, 30% carbs, and 50% protein. So, here are some of the foods I am eating to hit those numbers:

  1. Cheerios
  2. Skim Milk
  3. Bananas
  4. Strawberries
  5. Blueberries
  6. Nature’s Own Whole Grain bread
  7. Whey Protein
  8. 100% fruit juice
  9. Hard boiled eggs (egg whites only)
  10. Peppers
  11. Mushrooms
  12. Carrots
  13. Omelets
  14. ISS Protein bars
  15. Pure Protein bars
  16. Beef Jerky
  17. Salad
  18. Low fat dressing
  19. Albacore Tuna
  20. Cottage Cheese (I really have to force myself to eat this)
  21. Low fat String cheese
  22. Cheese slices
  23. Chocolate skim milk
  24. Sprite Zero
  25. Low sodium and low fat deli meats
  26. Hormel Bacon bits
  27. Low Fat shredded cheese
  28. Chicken Breasts
  29. Salmon
  30. Tuna
  31. Hummas
  32. Soy Crisps
  33. Target brand fruit snacks
  34. Lots of Water!

Based on all my research, these foods are healthy, good for me, and will allow to meet my diet goals for P90X. Let me know what you think and please add suggestions.

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  1. Los Angeles Real EstateNo Gravatar says:

    Hey redneck, “Hummus” does not have an “o” in it…

    All jokes aside, this is just the list I need, good starting point for my push towards eating right

    19 days of p90x impressive, when do you do it (i.e.- what time of day?)

    I’ve been trying to do something everyday but hasn’t necessarily been p90x, ur a beast.

    • ShaneNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks for the spelling correction. I work out in the morning. I wake up two hours earlier now and work out. Funny enough, I love the schedule.

  2. Steve82No Gravatar says:

    Hey man, Josh is also my coach now, and I think it’s awesome you have a website, you seem really dedicated to diet and exercise (as I am too)… It’s funny when you said your wife is getting annoyed with the label reading (my live-in girlfriend gets super annoyed with me lately because I log everything into FitDay site (because I want to get the 20/30/50 thing down pat)!

    I read your grocery list and that’s exactly what I’ve been eating haha!! I just finished day 18 :)

    Keep it up!!

    • ShaneNo Gravatar says:

      @Steve82 – Josh is a great guy and shares a lot of valuable information. I am following pretty much all of his recommendations. The website helps keep me motivated. Granted a lot of it is not ‘priceless’ information or anything, but it is nice to go back and track my progress. For some reason whenever I get a new food item, I have my dang laptop right there in the kitchen logging it into Fitday as well :). Must be some kind of addiction. Or at least a brainwashing. After day 7, everything seems just seems like part of the routine.

      Good luck with the program and keep bringing it!

  3. BoblertNo Gravatar says:

    Great blog and nice post although regarding the Cheerios; in the UK there was recently a documentary regarding ‘healthy cereals’ and that a lot of them are packed with sugars.

  4. Los Angeles Real EstateNo Gravatar says:

    saved this to excel, printed it and going grocery shopping. I’ll let you know if it helps, thanks.

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